Apr 2014 11

For 17-year-old Bryce Thornton, getting another award certificate is nothing new. Thornton is only a high school senior but he has already made his mark on the world.

The honor roll student has participated in 4H for nearly 10 years, traveled all over Europe as a student ambassador, and dedicated over 2,000 hours of community service to a project that he is passionate about. On Thursday night, he got something in return.

Thornton was surprised by Lucas Strickland, who received one of the 3,500 care packages that Thornton helped send overseas in the last 5 years. Strickland wanted to do something for Thornton in return, so he flew a flag in Thornton’s honor while stationed in Afghanistan and brought it back to him.

Thornton received the flag as a surprise in his Boy Scout presentation on Thursday night.

Apr 2014 11

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This all started with just one Boy Scout and the wish to help a Soldier have a bit of home with her for a day. Our mission was to send some packages to a friend serving in Kandahar Afghanistan, it has since grown with the overwhelming donations from people. We are so Honored to foster new friendships with the Men and Women who Serve and Protect OUR Country. We’ve wanted to do “something” for so long, this effort has become the conduit for people with skills and or the means to help. The messages we receive back from the Soldiers about the packages are so amazing, and how each box makes someones day.